How much time do you spend in Nature?


That was the question- we, Lisa and Elisa started our project as “ Nature Ninja’s “ with. We asked many students and realised how many of us spend the majority of their time in closed buildings. We study, work, eat, exercise mostly inside and overall engage in plenty of sedentary behavior in our daily life. Are we too busy to take time for ourselves?


Indeed, we tend to forget the beauty and especially the restorative properties of nature. Green environments do not only have relieving effects on our well-being but also improve our memory and cognition and thus also helps you studying ;)


That’s why every month we want to give you the opportunity to experience nature with all your senses in an open-minded group. Together with us and an expert in the fields we made it our mission is to reduce stress and enhance your productivity.


Take some hours off on your Sunday and explore your mind with lots of fresh air.

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