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The mental health committee was founded in an effort to create a peer support system at campus venlo that may bring students closer together by emphasizing the creation of a safe space. Our biggest project is the peer-led mental health support group that allows students to open up about whatever is weighing on them, while giving them a chance to share the mental resources that they already have developed or simply receive some words of compassion and encouragement. However, the support group is also a safe space because there is no pressure attached whatsoever when it comes to opening up. Everyone is welcome to join, whether it be to talk, listen, do the gratitude exercises or simply eat the biscuits.  

Other projects of the mental health committee include a podcast with the focus on mental health issues (Linda), workshops such as Colour Therapy (Maria), or a Poetry Workshop and Poetry Slam project (Lynn). More things are coming!

Look at the Bright Side ☀️

check out our podcast 😉

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