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The first roots of BEET date back to early 2018 when we decided as the founding members that UCV needs a space for our diverse student body to connect and learn from each other, both in and outside of the academic environment. After all, what is education if it does not continue beyond the classroom walls? Hence, the idea was born, which then quickly led to the establishment of our first board, our first name, our first logo,  and essentially our first chapter in many-many chapters yet to come. 

     The vision of our international student association

  • Promoting cooperation & integration of students and alumni as part of the UCV community

  • Empowering UCV students to reach an equilibrium between their academic and non-academic education as well as building a platform for numerous social activities

  • Bringing UCV students closer to their  environment by establishing collaborations with local companies and other associations

  • Mediating new ideas between the students and the staff members of Maastricht University Campus Venlo by providing a consistent feedback loop between the different entities

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Nassaustraat 36, 5911 BV

Venlo, Netherlands


BEET members are able to participate in all the activities throughout the year and receive interesting information from the crew as we discover, learn and grow together in areas such as 

health, nutrition, sustainability business and psychology.


BEET membership is exclusive to the students of

University College Venlo.

To reach the membership registration form


Annual fee 15€

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"Take care of your body as though you were going to need it for 100 years because you might.”

Harvard Study of Adult Development by Robert Waldinger

©2022 International Study Association BEET

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